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PowerPoint Presentations on the Waterfalls of Upstate SC


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Twin Falls--Pickens County, SC.

Brasstown Falls--Oconee County, SC.

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For a full description of each waterfall, photo, driving directions, and trail directions please refer to my book Waterfall Hikes Of Upstate South Carolina available online and at SC State Parks and many bookstores in South Carolina.


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Waterfalls in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Upstate South Carolina

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“Falling Waters”

          “Few sights captivate the eye like a waterfall. An irresistible magic draws us to gaze in wonder at these natural fountains. Waterfalls are among nature’s most sought-after spectacles, attested by the fact that many a mountain trail ends at the foot of a cascading stream. Their beauty and drama inspire poems of praise and tales of tragedy and the danger posed by their perilous heights seems only to add to their allure.


          Neither skillfully made photographs nor carefully chosen words can fully convey the beauty and drama of a waterfall. Scenes of such grandeur defy expression. Perhaps this is because a waterfall is as much an event as a place, the motion and the sound of falling water, the thunderous roar and drenching spray, the smell of fresh water on laurel-scented air—these delights must be experienced firsthand.


          For untold ages these places of wild splendor have beckoned from the ancient heights. Thanks to people who care, they beckon still.”


                                                             Glenn Oeland. “Falling Waters.” South Carolina Wildlife Magazine

July-August 1990 issue

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Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.  Revelation 4:11

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